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Types and Accessories of Towing Trucks

Generally, a tow truck is a vehicle that specializes in an emergency matter. Officers usually utilize a tow truck to confiscate an illegal parking vehicle. However, when you have engine problems with your car on the road, you can use it to tow your car into a safer place or even a repair workshop. More importantly, a tow truck can also pull a broken car from an accident out of the roadway to avoid road blocking. In the current usage, the tow truck has even become a friendly vehicle to camper enthusiasts.

Whether you are a fellow camper enthusiast or a towing truck business owner, you do not want to have a problem with your vehicle. If possible, you want to make the best out of your tow truck. Learn more about what type of tow truck you have or what suitable one to buy if you have not had one. After knowing it, you can pick the necessary accessories or add-ons for your towing truck purposes. Read more about the types and accessories of the towing truck below. Also, check the video to learn about installing the accessories and avoid problems leading to truck towing mistakes when operating the vehicle.

 Types of Tow Trucks

tow truckGenerally, people use three different types of tow trucks. They are flatbed, axle cradling, and hook and chain. The flatbed type might be the one that people usually know about, and it has a bed at the rear of the truck that can move hydraulically to the lower level. When it touches the ground, you can put the vehicles on the bed using the tow truck’s strength or winch. The second type is axle cradling. These types of tow trucks include a big metal yoke placed under the front wheels. Also, it features a hydraulic jack then raises the vehicle front to tow it into other places. The last type might the old types of tow trucks. It utilizes chains around the towed vehicle.

Accessories for Tow Trucks

Mostly, the tow trucks have adequate equipment provided for various conditions. Yet, some accessories and add-ons can extend the tow trucks’ capabilities to maximize their purposes. Suppose you wish to be able to do more with your tow truck. Adding the tow truck wheel lifts would be the best option. When installing this add-on on a tow truck, you can improve its flexibility and functionality. Furthermore, these wheel lifts can bear a large load capacity, but some are also available for installation on light pickup trucks.

Tips for Buying Tow Truck Lifts

When planning to purchase wheel lifts for tow trucks, you will likely find a selection of models from different manufacturers. The first to-do list is to browse and find more information about the tow truck wheel lifts online. This way, you can see a wide selection of manufacturers and pick the best one for you. Buying the durable and strong one for bulky weight is crucial. However, remember to choose only the guaranteed wheel lifts.